24 Jul 2009


it is just very very confusing. people i love hurt me. this is not okay because im a loving kind and i am doing everything to be good with a person. i thought im good at knowing people, but now i dont really know... just simply: i am totally confused.
anyway. i started reading greek myths and i really dont like them. i am sick of them!!! im sorry but i dont really belive in this shit and i had tottaly enough of this stupid trojan war!!!
i had a new idea just right now.. well an hour ago. tomorrow i'll leave to my dead gf's house for this weekend. the whole family'll be there. this house is in a village without internet for 2 days you know. i'll watch himym all day long. and there wont be any problem and i'll be kind of happy. on monday i dont what will i do... but on tuesday i'll leave to bp to paloma's bday. i know it will be the start of something new.

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