30 Jul 2009


be the one.
hold the gun.
bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

27 Jul 2009


"When I get sad I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead. True story!"

barney stinson is my new hero! : DDD

24 Jul 2009


it is just very very confusing. people i love hurt me. this is not okay because im a loving kind and i am doing everything to be good with a person. i thought im good at knowing people, but now i dont really know... just simply: i am totally confused.
anyway. i started reading greek myths and i really dont like them. i am sick of them!!! im sorry but i dont really belive in this shit and i had tottaly enough of this stupid trojan war!!!
i had a new idea just right now.. well an hour ago. tomorrow i'll leave to my dead gf's house for this weekend. the whole family'll be there. this house is in a village without internet for 2 days you know. i'll watch himym all day long. and there wont be any problem and i'll be kind of happy. on monday i dont what will i do... but on tuesday i'll leave to bp to paloma's bday. i know it will be the start of something new.

20 Jul 2009


finally it seems my summer is starting. this august is gonna be legen----wait for it----dary!!! summer started with last saturday. yeahhh j├Ągermeister rocks. : DDD so it was okay. maybe one of the best nights of my summer '09. and in august it'll be much better: paloma's bday, hb, sziget, golyatabor, maybe somethin else. i am just kind of happy right now.

18 Jul 2009


yesterday everything went wrong.
im so sorrry. : C
07. 17. the worst day of this summer. it would be a better idea to go bp...

15 Jul 2009


I was too naive.
But I've changed...

sometimes life sucks.

12 Jul 2009


When a golden girl prays for you,
When a small child cries, too,
Then the whole house will be still
And peace will come to Canterville.

The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories: ready. and liked it. Reading diary from that: ready.

To-do list for next week:
  • make a picture for my student ID.
  • join to the local library. : O
  • buy my Sziget ticket(s).
  • visit the dentist.

10 Jul 2009


love is in the air?
i mean almost everyone is in love. it's really annoying for me.

I. : half of my msn partners have hearts in their personal message.
II. : myspace. almost everyone sending love bulletins or/and upload love pictures.
III. facebook. everyday i see a post about relationship thing. and yes its always about im in relationship whit xy. or i am in relationship, but sadly it is a bit complicated...

ohhh people please love a bit quietly!

9 Jul 2009


sometimes it would be better if we wont wake up...
but sometimes it would be better if you weren't in the world.