30 Aug 2009


one year ago i was just a boy who had a big dream. and now this dream comes true. im scared a lot. i dont know what will i do or how will i feel myself but i know for the first time it'll be VERY HARD.

sorry, but im sad.
i'll miss a very lot great people.
: C

29 Aug 2009


i saw the end before we'd begun.

24 Aug 2009


now i see clearly how hard it will be.
and i just want one more week.
but you dont always get what you want... : C

22 Aug 2009


why do some people treat me like im an idiot/little boy?

19 Aug 2009


001. the last memory with V.


its almost 4 am and i cant sleep. i hate dark rooms. simply im scared of dark.

17 Aug 2009


this is my last week here, in this little town. this is my hometown i know and i wont forget it. i ve lived here for 15 years and that was quite good. im a bit worried about my new life but my horoscope say it'll be alright.

15 Aug 2009


I really hate when people are acting in their real lifes...

11 Aug 2009


why can't i sleep at night?
don't say it's gonna be alright...


the storm gone away as fast as it came. i feel i need some time now. some time that i can spend for myself. im a bit sad about wednesday but i hope i'll see some amazing lily allen, white lies, snow patrol shows in my life. i've got sooooo many time/as my mother said./.

8 Aug 2009


i want it so hardly that i just can't tell you.

6 Aug 2009


its august, hey. i mean i have only 1 month left here in this town. i wont be here in the next month. i'll miss some people but sadly just a few person. i dont know what will i be like or will i change but i dont really care. im going to start a NEW LIFE and i just hope its a good decision.

/i really like this photo. my mom is in it but i dont know where...: D this photo mens me youth, freedom and my mom of course. i'll really miss you mom!!!/

2 Aug 2009


bad mood comes with parties...
ps: i picked in a test that in a good party there must be drama... now i got it.